I'm Elvia Juana

I’m Elvia Juana and you can call me EJ, I’m Colombian and I live in a small town north of Atlanta. I try to have a very natural diet and lifestyle balanced, thinking in my health and the well-being of my family.

I feel blessed to be able to raise my daughter teaching her my language and roots and to enjoy what I do.

What I love to do

I love photography and write about parenting and a healthy and natural lifestyle. I also help others being a certified Health Coach to transform their lives by leading healthy habits, eating delicious and nutritious meals, and having balance and peace of mind and heart for a holistic o integrative  health.

I love to study and keep up-to-date about what I love to do.  It is why I have taken several courses and certifications.

My Wellness background

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, by Institute for Integrative Nutrition of New York

Certificated in Changed of habit Coach,  by Instituto Hábitos of México

Plant Based Chef Certified by INAT (Instituto Nacional de Trofología de México)

Health Coaching in Trophology  by INAT (Instituto Nacional de Trofología de México) – Studying now.

Basic Course of Ayurveda by Ayurveda Querétaro.

Using Essential Oils Safely BASICS – UEOS.com Lea Jacobson.

My Professional background/ experience

Bachelor in Media and Journalist. Universidad del Norte, Colombia

Master in Social Development Projects.  Universidad del Norte, Colombia

Maitrisse in Education– Universidad Paris XII Val de Varne

Master in Education and ICT- Elearning  with emphasis in instructional design by  UOC (Universidad Oberta de Cataluña)

My professional training has allowed me to build a base to be able to teach, create materials and also develop courses and workshops  to serve you

Health Coaches Community

In the last years, after studying to become certified Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition of New York, I decided to create a group with many colleagues.  We have an international community of Spanish-speaking Health Coaches called YO SOY HEALTH COACH.

Thank you for visiting my website and for wanting to know more about me. I hope we can work together.


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Coach en Cambio de Hábitos
Ayurveda - Curso Básico de Salud Consciente
Plant Based Chef
Health Coaching en Trofología